Event Hosting - Primo Classico


The Primo Center for Women & Children is an organization that for 40 years has empowered less fortunate families to become productive, responsible & independent members of the community.  We have been supporting the Primo Center for years before the need to grow their charity reach became apparent.  We partnered with the board to create a charity gala like no other for the past 2 years and are proud to continue that support well into the future. 


Scope of Work

Find and negotiate new venue for the charity gala that could accommodate 400+ guests.

Bring additional sponsors & partners to the table to alleviate costs and add to the evening's charity funds raised. 

Consulted on creation of promotional pieces to the layout & design of the event space.

Provided multiple aircraft as an attraction for the charity event.

Cocktail Catering - Proper Cocktail Co


It is our mission to be a catalyst in pushing the travel industry forward to new heights.   We create products and services with that goal clearly in mind.  A particular area of the travel industry that we feel can be elevated is the culinary & beverage experience.  We have created Proper Cocktail Co. to meet that need. 

Visit Proper Cocktail Co. to learn more.

 Scope of Work

Create a beverage brand that caters to the private & general travel markets from concept to launch.

Create partnerships that aid in the fulfillment of the product list.

Create a revenue model that ensures profitability from company inception.

Corporate Events - Unilever


We strive to be an invaluable partner to companies who understand that the travel experience is an integral component to their brand.  Our capabilities go well beyond the flight.  By utilizing our expertise in complex logistics, Unilever was able to create a week long branding experience like no other. 


Scope of Work

Coordinated/managed point to point travel on a luxury aircraft for 135 VVIP guests.

Manage individual private ground transportation for 135 individual guests on their outbound & return flights.

Coordinated hotel room & luggage logistics such that guests received their bags and entrance to their hotel rooms without a standard check in process.

Catered branded and luxury culinary experiences throughout the week for up to 200 guests.

Managed private ground transportation and security for 200 guests while on location.

Consulting - Aircraft Providers


The private aviation industry is one of the most unique around the world.  Our focus at B2 Aviation is to be a positive member of the community, share our knowledge and foster growth for our friends & competitors.  We were asked to help grow an early stage private charter company and we jumped at the opportunity. 


Scope of Work

Produce professional aircraft photography with respect to brand to be used in website & marketing materials.

Generate content to build campaigns on relevant social media platforms.

Engage in regional marketing efforts aimed at bringing awareness to client's unique aircraft fleet.

Sales efforts aimed at cargo & logistics for client's unique aircraft fleet.

Special Occasions - Executive Birthday


At B2 Aviation, we are constantly exploring ways to go above & beyond for our retail charter clients. Important life events are always an opportunity for us to get creative. They gave us a budget and the desire to have a truly memorable birthday. We took care of the rest.


Scope of Work

Consulted with executive chef of Air Culinaire caterers (serves 1499 airports globally) to curate a menu for the flight.

Chose overall theme for the event with the client and decorated the entire aircraft cabin following that aesthetic.

Surprised client by arranging additional festivities at their destination.