Summer 2019 Travel Tips

Planning for summer travel can get a little hectic. We have created a list of travel tips for private jet setters to help maintain a bit of your sanity.

  1. Summer travel is popular - book early!

    You are not the only one thinking about booking a trip to your summer home in the next few weeks. With demand at an all-time high, make sure you give as much notice for your travel. It is easier to cancel a flight without penalty than it is to secure a last minute flight.

  2. As temperatures rise, runway access lowers

    For charter operations, the general industry minimum runway length is 5,000 feet. Some larger aircraft use almost every inch of that runway on cold days. When we load the airplane up with people, luggage and fuel, those runway performance numbers are compromised on hot days. You may have to use a nearby airport that has a larger runway. Be prepared for those last minute changes due to hot weather, especially in the mountains.

  3. Weight becomes more of a factor

    Considering the weight we are putting on an aircraft in the hot summer months is similar to our tip above. Aircraft that you are accustomed to going nonstop may have to incur a fuel stop because of the weight it was not able to take in fuel. If possible, pack lighter items and ship the heavy items you plan to bring. A competent broker/provider will be able to plan ahead considering the aircraft performance and the foretasted meteorological conditions of the area.

  4. Allow for more time due to thunderstorms

    Thunderstorms pop up all over the country during the summer and unlike other storms, we may not be able to fly over top of them. Some thunderstorms can reach an elevation of 60,000 or greater. Allow enough time in your itinerary for the crew to circumnavigate these storms or even wait it out a storm passes over the airport. Our pilot rule of thumb that I pass on to you: “I’d rather be on the ground and wish I was in the area rather than be in the air and wishing I was on the ground.”

  5. Make sure your broker/provider has back up plans

    With all the little details that can change due to summer weather and travel, make sure that your broker/provider has back up plans in place so that your experience is seamless no matter what pops up.

At B2 Aviation, we have created a unique risk assessment that mitigates these issue well in advance of our clients’ flights. If you would like to know more about this or to get information for how to mitigate these risks for yourself, contact us at